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Alva Lün is a music formation around singer and songwriter Andrea Pfeifer. The music of the four plays with the tension between intimacy and rapture, imagination and reality. With their mixture of lyrical songs and rough, ethereal sound, Alva Lün creates a world that follows its own logic. In the density of a feeling, gates to infinitely wide landscapes open up. Powerful, existential questions are raised and float light as a feather in space. What remains is an inexplicable longing for the incomprehensible and a deep love for the contradictions of being human.



Beyond mainstream and music business hype, the four produce their music themselves and focus on simple and touching authenticity. For their performances they prefer dusky locations and evening sets at festivals. In the twilight, when people are moving closer together, their songs slip unhindered under the skin and unfold their shivering, sensual intensity.

Voice: Andrea Pfeifer / Keys: Flo Baumann / Bass: Tobi Müller / Percussion&Guitar: Phippu Ryf




04 / 08 / 20

Sommerwoche, Mittelhäusern BE, 20.30 Uhr

20 / 11 / 20

Postremise, Chur / 4 Landessprachen, 4 Songwriterinnen

27 / 11 / 20

La Prairie, Bern

19 / 12 / 20

Sound Dreamer, Liegekonzert, Infos folgen


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